Your journey through the program

Week 1

Fintech Innovation and Regulation

Week 2

Deconstructing Banking

Week 3

Digitizing Payments

Week 4

Digital Assets

Week 5

Digital Lending & Capital Raising

Week 6

Innovation Office & Regulatory Sandbox

Week 7

Regulatory Technologies (Regtech)

Week 8

Insurance Technologies (Insurtech)

Week 9

Capstone Project Presentations

Participants will contribute to the development of frameworks to consider and assess the key issues and regulatory implications of each business model being reviewed and apply them to their national jurisdiction and context. Following the assessment of each topic, a range of innovative regulatory responses will be worked through including sandboxes, innovation offices, RegTech, regulatory reform, and international cooperation.

Features of the program

Live Guests Sessions

Interactive webinars in which high-profile regulators, policymakers, and experts from around the world share their insights into different approaches to regulatory innovation.

Live Tutorial Sessions

Small group sessions where participants learn from experts and discuss hands-on case studies.

Capstone Project Proposal

Participants develop a capstone project that brings together participants' individual expertise, interests, and experiences to develop a new initiative.

Program Certificate

Once participants have successfully completed the program, they will be awarded with a certificate from MapĂșa University.

Regulator Knowledge Exchange

Alumni who are financial regulators are invited to join a secure and user-friendly digital platform to continue discussions and share knowledge.